by Silent Carrion

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released March 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Silent Carrion Trento, Italy

Silent Carrion is a solo musical project founded in 2010 in Pieve di Bono, Trento, Italy.
All albums are self-produced and self-released. Industrial Electronic Noise Experimental Drone Metal Dark Ambient

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Track Name: Mountain (An Invocation)
Following the river
A symbol carved on a tree
Ashes covering the path
Dead fish filling the water
Trees still burning
A headless carcass on the ground

He saw him raising his sword
And releasing his fury
An owl riding a wolf
A marquis of hell
With the body of an angel
Just an empty shell
Track Name: Mist
The castle is there
Watching from above
Magic landscapes
Enchanted atmosphere

The castle is always there
Mystic silence
Where I met my first demons
Track Name: Fear Spreads Like Plague
When the gas embraced their lungs
They tried to tear out their own eyes
They suffocated and crawled
And saw a raging beast
Erupting from the ground
Track Name: The Ground Seems Hollow
Here in my fortress
No one has survived
Fever, pain and blood behind their ears

I’m looking for her
She spared me
A spirit in grey
Nobody saw her but these stones
These stones that remind me of my past
These stones covered in dirt

We’ve always been violent and we’ve always been scared
We are pathetic and merciless
Suffering and dying

No one could see her
No one but me
The spirit in grey left me behind
I’m surrounded by worms now

Unearthly silence
No more screams
I’m surrounded by stones
Track Name: Echoes from a Deep Chasm
Track Name: Copper
The land was dry and silent
Everything wasted
No water, no seeds

In the country of the blind
I couldn’t feel anything
I was the weakest one
I was in the dark

A shapeless figure was standing still
With a shovel in his hands
I was buried
Just grass and plants and bulbs
The fool couldn’t catch my thoughts
I was inhaling green smoke
Has it always been this way?
Have I ever received any answers?

A deep tunnel inside his head
Led to a blurry place
Where 72 figures were waiting for him
He simply tried to understand them
He was like a predator with broken limps
He was ash floating in the air
He was blood dripping from nowhere
He was rage kept in a cage
He was just waiting to rot
Track Name: Suprematism (Sickness)
Track Name: Krieg
Silver sabres tear your skin
And nerves explode
You cry
You didn’t realize
What it meant
Suffering for your people
Screaming for your honour
Your nerves remind you of the truth
They shriek
You fade away
Dulce bellum